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Commercial Services

What is your hourly/day rate?

For events such as architectural or special event photography, my 2022 base rate is $600 CAD/hour. That includes cropped and colour corrected digital images, made available in high resolution within 48 hours on my secure website, or supplied on USB memory. Travel outside 100 km of Ottawa will be billed at the current CRA mileage rate, plus time driven. Assignments longer than one day can be negotiated. The more I enjoy any photographic assignment, the less I charge.

All image rights are the property of the client on settlement of their account.

Ongoing construction progess photography or video is billed at $300 CAD/visit, based on a minimum of 20 visits in any project/calendar year.

Other rates are determined on an individual project basis.

Aerial Photography

I have over forty years experience in aerial photography, generally from an opened/removed left-side window of a Cessna 172. For work in the Kingston - Prince Edward County area, I use the services of the Kingston Flying Club, and highly recommend them for their skilled pilots who are experienced in working with aerial photographers. Examples of my work can be seen in the Aerial Images section of this site.

Do you copy old photographs?


For several years I have been offering to freely digitize Prince Edward County images, give the donor a professional high-resolution DVD or USB stick of the images, and deliver and historic images to my friends at the PEC Archives and Museums.

The only caveat is that I be able to share any images of the historic Sandbanks on the Friends of Sandbanks website.

How about digitizing old microfilm?

In late 2020 I purchased a state-of-the-art ScanPro 3000 microfilm scanner. Because of COVID restrictions on site visits, I am not undertaking additional microfilm scanning, at present, but expect to be back up and running by mid-September, 2022. This service can be performed at your location so that irreplaceable microfilm remains secure.

Please email for quotes and service availability; if you are a library or non-profit, then it's quite likely that I will scan your microfilm (within reason!) at no charge.

Do you photograph weddings?


Do you photograph children?

I eat them for breakfast.

How do I contact you?

Contact John Brebner:

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